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Monday, August 18th, 2014
3:13 pm
This is embarrassing.
Thursday, March 5th, 2009
10:45 am
wow haven't been here in 5 years
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
12:21 am
wednesday, i had an interview with ABN Amoro at 1.30, so i get
there and they make me wait for like 30 min dammit i got pissed
but then finally i this guy Kevin and some other lady came
and got me. they both interview-ed me for a position and i had
3 other people goin against me for the same position so i was
hopin that i would get the job...

thursday, we went to some wolfson
party it was great, i saw some ol' friends, i had couple drinks
but then the cops came so me mookie emir n amir left n
finished drinkin at mookie's place

friday, a call from the temp agency Spherion wakes me up,
about the job at ABN Amoro, so i got the job (HELLLLL YEAAAAAAA)
and im startin August 9th. im makin 10.60 right now but it
should be 12 or 13 after 3 months which is great, and the
job should be fun....well this same night me, mookie, amir, emir,
steph, ciera, and monica had to celebrate a lil so we (well
mostly me) got drunk at mookies apmt

saturday, i had to wake up at 7 in the mornin to get ready
for me n mookies trip to orlando which was hard cuz im not
used to wake up that early unless its PM hehe
so i get to mookies at 9, so we head out for orlando...
oh by the way we almost died on the way there cuz there was
a big ass ladder on the highway so this car in front of us
hits the ladder, jumps like a foot in the air and his tire
pops so mookie has to fakkin go left right n shit to avoid
hittin the car or the ladder which was crazy....
well we get to orlando alive and healthy, amir was alredy there
with his girl, so we meet them at the millenia mall, it was
my first time at that mall and damn our mall(s) are nothin
compared to that one, well yea went to express, hollister
n shit got stuff.... then me n mookie met up with Irma and
Danielle and chilled at danielle's for a while, oh yea she
wants me hah, bla bla anyway after 2 hours we met up with
my good ol' friend Emily that i kno for like 3 years and i
haven't seen her in a year or so, but yea she just turned
19 and she is gettin hot damn, she used to be chunky but
now wow.... yea so we went to the movies watched that Harold and
Kumar go to white castle movie, its funny ....
so she decided to chill with us the night n drink drink drink...
we went to irma's house started drinkin her alcohol, then
after that started drinkin the alcohol we brought ;)
so i was drunk by like 1 am
so me Emily Mookie and Irma went to this park n chilled there for
a while and went to a pool after that bla bla ;) chilled there
till like 5 am and me n mookie slept in the car for like 3
hours till 8 and drove back... got home at 10 today exhausted.....
we'll me n mookie got some passes for a club down there in
orlando so im sure we're goin there again next weekend to oficially
celebrate my new job, this time we're takin more people with us
so whoever wants to drink for free n chill at a nice ass club
for free hit me up n we'll see

but yea i gotta wake up early im goin to sleep... night

damn i kno im annoyin with this but im serious if spend good
money on a car i wanna get somethin worth it

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
3:55 pm
ok well im on my lil cousin's comp mine is broken
so let me update real quick.....

past couple weeks have been great (looks like since
my comp is broken i get to do other things which is
great) except for that accident that killed a good
but yea July 4th was funnnn, first me amir emir
steph and alex went to the beaches to see the fireworks
n shit then we went to chris' party... when we got there
chris was already gone passed out hah
i was kinda suprised to see some people cuz i never
expected them to show up, chilled mostly with Ada and her
cousin Jasmine (what a cutie), but yea chris was so drunk
that he started pukin all over his room so me and Hajdar
had to carry his ass to the bathroom take his clothes off
(except the boxers) and give him a cold ass shower lol it
was funny, but yea wi got drunk the day
before and that night, me delza n jack were lightin
fireworks till 4 in the morning bla bla bla
but yea life is been good, im bout to start workin at this
insurance or morgage company and make some money,
i got enough of DQ and icecream but yea
now im seriously lookin for a car, alredy have some

yup that was a quick update.....

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
6:20 am
I W A N N A S E E E V E R Y O N E A T B U R B O N S T. T O N I T E

Sunday, April 11th, 2004
10:22 pm
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aghhhhhhhhhhh fakkkkkkkkkkkkkk shitttta nasjfapdfjspdklaks[dgadsklfgnja
im in a bad mood faewlkg;'adlfkgja;'dflkjsdf damnnnnnnnnnnn

sorry just in a bad mood dont ask why.....
Thursday, April 8th, 2004
10:22 am
clubbin pt. 2
ahh yesterday i had to work a lil 6-10 its all good

yea first i went to school and then work

after work me mookie amir n brooklin went to Burbon St.
chilled in VIP with Ibrahim n the crew it was sweet, i had
lots of fun, then got home around 3 went to sleep
now im up tired as hell bout to go to the beach

ok im out
Friday, April 2nd, 2004
4:03 am
well its 4pm now...

well i just got home from school, im checkin my mail
im really really tired i only got like 3 hours of sleep

yesterday i got home from school and went to eat at KFC
(their food makes me sick i swear)
well then i called kylie and i went and met up with her and brady for lil, chilled with her n stuff
but yea they went to the mall and i had to go to work which
sucked ass (6-10)
work was kinda buisy but this one hot chick came and i talked to
her a lil n stuff (gotta get the numb)
well after i got out of work me amir brooklin emir and elvis went
to burbon st. around 11 i think
it was funn i like burbon st. even tho its pakked like wow
stayed till 2 and went to eat got home at 3 and went to sleep
and i had to wake up at 6 to get ready for schoooool grrr

im so tired....

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, March 27th, 2004
11:00 am
yup yup
yeah well i just woke up it's 11

yesterday me amir and brooklin went to the OP mall bought some clothes
then we went to the movies there and watched Dawn of the Dead, scary movie.... its ok
when we got out it was like 9 so i went home n changed, chilled, and went to my cousin Emir's party, it was fun some cute girls from Wolfson came =)
i got drunk but not fukked up
yea that was it.. short entry
for today

Thursday, March 18th, 2004
10:13 pm
yea well last night my friend had a party at some bosnian
cafe (he rented it), so me amir n mookie went there and
had some drinks, after that all those people and us went
to some "spot" like they call where we could drink and do
all that stuff.... but the cops came and we had to leave bla bla

today amir n mookie woke me up early (at 10) and we went to
the jax beach... ugh lot of hot girls there... but i worked
on my tan (i look like a gipsy now hah)
got home went to sleep now i just woke up
i had plans to go to Burbon St. tonight but im not goin to
fakk it been somewhere the whole spring break so im chillin
well thats it
Monday, March 15th, 2004
9:45 am
damn yesterday was a messed up day

well we all slept at Mookie's house so we woke up at like 10 and went to the beach
first bad thing we almost died because mookie doesn't know how to
then amir's girl pissed him off and he was messed up the whole
then went to shades and they wouldn't let me in so we all had to
drive to the Southside so i can get my student ID to get in
then finally got in and it sucked... all those 14 year olds,
fakk not even shades is what it used to be
then this one friend of mine is being fakked up but im not goin
into details....

well im bout to go to work
Friday, March 12th, 2004
2:25 am
laid back
today was a laid back day.

i didn go to school, im done with my work so i chilled woke up at 10
and went to DQ to eat.....
then sahsah sent me and memet to look at some car he wants to
buy .... 1994 honda accord 85000 miles for 3800$ thats not bad
the car doesnt need much work done to it but me n memet will
fix that shit...
yea well went to the gym for like 30 min only then went home and
chilled with my dad a lil bla bla
me amir and mookie went to the gym at 9 again and got out at 11
... gettin buff hell yea
but then amir went home and me n mookie went somewhere (not
important where)
tommorrow britney and her friend jessica are commin over to visit
me well, cant wait... britney is cool ass chick

ok im goin to sleep its late....

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
9:56 pm
long time no see
damn.. how long has it been
long ass time huh?

damn im so cool ... im a senior im not doin shit at school...
the senioritis bug kinda bit me ... now since the sun came out
im barely at school, but its ok the grades are still acceptable

i donno since the last time i posted here lots of stuff changed,
met new people and then stopped talkin to other people but i think
thats just normal, its life...
like i said school is great, friends are great, girls are great,
single though

well i had somethin serious with erika but then she just got too attached to fast and i just didn seem like it was real i donno but it didn work out....
and then another one but long story....
then all those other girls that u just meet but non serious

me n chris are still tite even tho hes in college and im still in highschool but alteast we hang out unlike with Memet aka Momo the Homo =) but its ok he wants to hang out again so the IBA might
come back but whatever he kinda fukked up so we'll see whts up

i cant wait to graduate i cant wait to graduate
oh yea graduation n all that commin up man shit its goin to be crazy
especially this summer im gettin a new car shit i donno what to
get there are some to choose (Honda Prelude, Acura RSX-S, some Jeep's, a 98 or so BMW, bla bla bla many to choose)
i just cant wait this summer will top the last one.......

damn im tanned... went to the beach last wednesday, then friday, saturday and sunday ...

i barely have time im always occupied its crazy
if im not at work or school im in the gym or with my buddies,

me n chris were talkin bout the 7 and up when it comes to girls
before i never used to listen to him and say ok i dont care
if shes cool i'll hang out with her but now i donno i had enough
of girls that are below 7 (on a scale 1-10).....
not sayin that i wont hang out with less than 7 but datin wise
nothin less than a 7 (when i say 7 that includes looks,
personality, all that,so yall dont say im stuck up or whatever)
but yea its like that.........

parent wise its cool now, looks like they are realizing that im 18
and that im growing up n the more they annoy me and yell the more
i go out and do stupid shit..... but its cool i love them they love
me :))) hah

dammit chris and memet are at Sahara's right now smokin
that Hookah\Argyla or however u call it ... i wanted to go but
im to tired today, i worked the past 5 days and i barely got
any sleep....

this girl told me that i have a sexy accent.... i dont really
think i do have one, well a lil bit but why are accents sexi???
dont get it anyway

i hope it will be hot friday which i dont think will be cuz
i want to go to the beach again cuz jennifer and jessica want
to come with me and some other girls
but yea

im out, chris and memet better stop by my house

Current Mood: full
Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
10:18 pm
Emo style
well well well bla bla bla well well

ok friday i was offff hell yeah i went with chris to
Coconut or whatever and i got 2 tickets for the rufio concert
for me and pasha (chris already had his).........
well friday the I.B. and the new member pasha went to the
Rufio concert, there chris met up with his wifey Diane,
fo sho i had to pick her up and throw her around a lil for
not calling me sunday..... i met this girl Danielle and
a couple of her friends.... danielle is awesome, cute and
she drives and nice Civic (uh love civic girls)......
RUFIO rocks i never listen to Emo but i have to start from
today......well after that me and pasha went to see courtney
and her cheerleader friends in OP ... chilled at taco bell
with them for a lil and went home.......

well saturday morning i went to see this girl i know from
school she helps me with my economics HW ;)
i had to work 5-10 after i got out i met up with Danielle
at the Bowling alley (damn shes good, anyone givin BOWL lessons
ill pay heh)......well drove around in her civic while my
beauty was parked with an empty tank (ey i had to pay my car
and insurance at the same time so im kinda broke for this week)
..... she went home and erika called me so i went to her house
and chilled there with her till lik 4 in the morning (erika is
cool and a great dancer)......

sunday woke up at 3 because i had to work 4-10 dammit...
emir2 my buddy got fired for some stupid shit, well im kinda
lookin for a new job too, Dairy Queens got old even tho
the pay is great.... SOO IM TAKIN JOB OFFERS any one that
knows a good place that is hiring Im me at JAXMirza (no fast
food please).........

school is great i meet new people every day..... my grades are
good, GPA finally worth to look at..... everybody wants me to
play Soccer for Wolfson but i dont know i kinda dont have the
time for that even tho i love soccer.....

oh yea my 18th B-Day commin up NOVEMBER 9th damn i cant wait, i
can finally throw away my damn fake ID...... because me and Memet
have b-day only 2 weeks away from each other we are makin a big
ass fatt ass tight ass funky gee style shizzle party i dont know
the exactly date yet....everyone who wants to come IM me and
we'll see......

ok thats it bye

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
10:55 pm
well well
today was a normal-ass-nothin-special-to-do day... i went to skool,
picked up my sis, went to taco bell, and met up with Jeanie for a sec...
work was fun me and chris were freestylin oh damn... malibu's most wanted style lol.....
well i think im goin to that Rufio koncert friday i need to go buy 2 tickets tomorrow for me and Pasha.... i dont really listen to emo but chris does and they have some sweet songs soo its all good i kno im goin to have fun.....
thats it

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
10:22 pm
quick update
i just got home from work and
i love my schedule this week hell yea..
cant wait till the weekend friday we're
going to my cuzzo's football game at
Wolfson (represent the Wolfpack), before
that i need to get a couple drinks, and after
the game hopfully plush (i need my fake id
well saturday is the HOMECOMMING dance -- cant
wait -- i have to work 12-5 after that run home
get ready and i need to go meet Brandy's mom
dammit but ok i think im good at it....
well after homecomming there are going to be
a lot of parties im sure so i'll drop brany of
and meet up with Emir, Pasha, and the crew so we
can go check out the Wolfson parties.....

ok im pissed Margaret is late .. girl ill beat
ur cute ass even tho im younger 2 years..... ;)

Current Mood: relaxed
Sunday, September 7th, 2003
10:18 pm
ok lets see
Friday i went to school bla bla took a test did well ........
I had to work 6-11 (hate working night)... well i got off work, memet and emir2 came to dq and we went to my house, took quick shower and we went to JU to go get drunk with Kyndal.... i went to her dorm and she went to get memet and emir2 because they had all that alcohol... meanwhile while i was up there this one girl comes in screaming and cryin lol just because there was a roach in her room, so as gentle as i am i went up there got the roach and talked to Kerri till memet emir and kyndal came back (oh im such a hero thnx thnx)........... i love college i cant wait till next year its goin to be fun.... we're goin to hang out with kyndal and her friends more, we got drunk we were crazy we met new girls we had fun.......
saturday i woke up 11.30, had to be at work at 12 so i was in a hurry, workin 12- 5 was fun, there was memet, emir1, emir2, and me..... well got out of work and went to the gym till 7.... went home took shower, went to dairy queens ate and met up with memet and chris.... we went to my buddies 18th b day... it was cool non special but we had drinks and some girls so its all good... around 1 went to play pool and to "The Spot" (taco bell)...... then home that was bout it -----i dont feel like mentioning some parts of the night who was there was there who not fkk it ;) -----

Current Mood: good
Thursday, September 4th, 2003
3:59 pm
tite tight
school is so damn tight....
wow i never said those five words in one sentence but yea its true i like wolfson to this point, i met a lot of people (SODAS), most of them are different then people at englewood..... at englewood people are in groups, example if ur spanish u dont hang out with white preps or if you are a punk u usually dont hang out with bosnians or something like that.. yall get me.... im not sayin that wolfson is not like that but its just not that much like at engleweed..... well today was the pep really at wolfson and the mayor of Jacksonville was there, he held a speech and wolfson recieved a check for about 206.000 $, thats fukkin a lot i hope the soccer team is goin to get somethin of that money heh.... damn those 4 dances killed it, yall have to see that they got some skills, and i have to say the cheerleaders WOW ;)..... i took a test 4th period i think i did pretty well, i better get a good grade i didn't cheat for nothin....... after school i went to that bosnian club (international club but 90% of the people are bosnians thats why i call it like that)...... after that went to the spot (Taco Bell) and payed a visit to my IBA bro Memet at "The" DQ...... well i got my hair cut finally after 3 months of being Mirza Surferboy hahha hell no..... im going to the Wolfson vs. Andew Jackson football game today i hope im going to meet up with Brady or miss Brandy 2 and i told em :"you bring your friends i bring my friends and we all can be friends"... so we'll see what goin on..... im lookin out for this weekend its going to be fun..... friday i dont know yet i would like to see kylie for atleast a couple minutes and then she can go hang out with her private school buddies..... saturday me and my boy Alem are goin to Daytona, his girl lives there and she told him that there is a big big big bigass party going on at some rich dudes house soo we'll be there (and im goin to meet Alem girl's sister hell yea)......ok well im bout to go to the gym for a hour or two and then to the game......

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, August 25th, 2003
11:06 pm
my bad
ok well lets see i didn write in this journal for a long ass time dammit i totally forgot that i have an account (thnx to mehmet)...
ok well lets see, school started and i transfered from englewood to wolfson which i didn like cuz im a senior but i like wolfson chicks and they like me soo its all good ;)~ well im in the buisness program im doin way better then last year at the wood my grades are up i dont skip anymore (well not yet)....... im single and i dont like that i dont wanna say that i needa girl RIGHT NOW but u know sometimes u just need someone to chill with n juss be lazy with that person (i got my boys shoutout to Emir Mehmet Chris Amir Brooklyn Emir2 n the rest of the crew but i need a girl simple is that)........ i think whenever u dont want a girlfriend and i dont look for them they just suddendly show up and now when im lookin for one its just not workin out.... yes i meet a lot of girls but not that one (this might sound gay but everyone knows whats up)..... well yea i finally started hookin up my car a lil (its a honda but its my car so its the best in jax OK!!! heh)...... parents i dont really know sometimes they piss me off and i just want to move out and want them to leave me alone, i kno they love me (i hope) but you have to be in my situation to know what im talkin about.... the IBA? i dont know looks like its fallin apart, 2 members are goin to college im still in highschool soo its hard to hang out n stuff because of the different schedules ........ i still work ar Dairy Queen (i get paid like ur daddy is gettin paid so dont laugh heh), they call me the "ice cream man" soo freaky or not i like that one (hot fudge and whip cream u kno u love it girl)....... well yeah im goin to sleep.......
good nite.....
Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
12:53 am
Cruisin J A X
ok well i woke up at like 10..... went to the pool for an hour wit my lil sister... sahsah called me at 11 he wanted me to come in 12-6 i said yea cuz i need some money im bout to put a tv in my car and some other stuff (me and chris got that planned out yall see at the end of summer)..... his car is in the shop it'll be out in a week or so, cant wait...... ok well i got off work early at like 4.30 came home chilled wit my parents for a lil (we just bought a house soo i went to see it, its pimp i got a big ass room i can play soccer up in that bitch).... ok well took a shower went to chris house woke him up and we went and picked up white mike..... went to OP to visit Diane Alicia and Michelle went to Taco Bell (IBA Chill Spot) chilled there for a lil and then took diane home..... soo we drove all the way to pontre vedra to kim's house chilled there wit her and her friend (i think her name was heather) and watched HOT CHICK..... now im online talkin to some people chillin bout to go to bed......
grr btw there is a person that is ignorin me these last days i donno why but you know who you are.....

Current Mood: awake
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